Top Reasons for a Move to Kirkland

Posted by Holly Gray on Saturday, December 16th, 2017 at 7:45pm.

Top Reasons for a Family Move to Kirkland

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Relocating to Kirkland entails premium education opportunities, a bustling downtown area, and lavish waterfront properties all within a short drive to Seattle. If the Pacific Northwest had a beachtown, it would be Kirkland. Imagine a neighborhood with the feel of Laguna Beach but with the added beauty and enjoyment of every season, fall foliage and all. Kirkland is a fast-growing Seattle suburb filled with public parks, local shops, and lakeside views. If you are contemplating a big move with your family, take a look at all that Kirkland has to offer.

Family Activities

Families living in Kirkland can enjoy a walk to the farmers’ market, shopping local, a host of community pools, and trips to the public library. The recent investment and interest igniting development throughout the Kirkland area grants residents the opportunity to enjoy public parks including Juanita Beach Park, Marina Park, and hiking destinations like Bridle Trails State Park. Marina Park hosts a summer concert series and outdoor movie screenings over the warmer months. In addition, a beautiful bonus to relocating to Kirkland would be the premium view of the Seattle skyline from Kirkland’s beaches. An early morning out paddle boarding accompanied by a spectacular city view will make you feel right at home. Kirkland residents also enjoy a selection of community centers offering classes, clubs, and groups for every age. The Downtown area offers a selection of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops advertising live entertainment throughout the week as well as two monthly art walks. Families with small children are offered an array of options and events designed for kids including a summer Children’s Concert Series, language classes, hands-on tech programs, and more. Not to mention, there are plenty of things to do around the Puget Sound.

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Kirkland schools are part of the Lake Washington School District including 27 elementary schools, four choice elementary schools, seven middle schools including six choice middle schools, and four high schools with five choice schools in Kirkland. The emphasis on including choice schools within the district is geared toward meeting the specific interest and needs of children within the community. Choice schools offered within the district focus on smaller classrooms and are often housed within an existing school or on the same campus. For working parents, many of Kirkland’s schools offer before and after school care and extracurricular activities as well as pre-school options. Families with a 4-year-old child living within the school district eligible to apply for their preschool programs including Head Start and Ready Start. Both programs provide children living in Kirkland access to Kindergarten prep to aid in academic readiness. Accelerated academic programs are offered throughout the school district for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Unique to the Lake Washington School District, teachers and administrators encourage a sustainability component to guided student instruction and offer a variety of student engagement programs and curriculums aimed at going green.


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Job Opportunities

More and more young people and families are flocking to Kirkland for jobs with industry leading tech-giants, Google and Microsoft, based in the Seattle metro area. The increased presence of Silicon Valley tech conglomerates can be felt throughout Kirkland and surrounding Seattle suburbs following Seattle’s explosion of Silicon Valley companies. The movement to bring Bay Area companies to the Pacific Northwest has paved the way for surrounding metropolitan areas like Kirkland and neighboring localities including Redmond and Bellevue to house satellite offices and campuses for companies including IBM, GoDaddy, and most recently, Tableau Software with sights set on expansion. Facebook, HBO, Twitter, and Apple have made recent moves to Seattle making those with engineering backgrounds to be in wide demand. Boeing still leads Washington as the number one employer in the state with aerospace topping the list of top industries in the Great Seattle Area, followed by computer software jobs for companies like Nintendo of America, and online retailers like Amazon.


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Living Costs

Kirkland hosts a strong job market and competitive housing market with high price points. The popularized area of Downtown Kirkland is located east of Seattle next to Lake Washington and offers easy access to the highway and the interstate. Kirkland is set in a prime location roughly 20 minutes outside of Seattle and boasts luxury housing luring engineers and developers staffing the many major tech corporations settled in the Pacific Northwest. This Seattle suburb is a comfortable neighborhood for families with price tags ranging from roughly $500,000 and upwards for a single family home depending on location and whether your future property includes waterfront views. Kirkland itself is a walkable and convenient area with accessible public transportation options running from Downtown Kirkland to Downtown Seattle. The traffic in Kirkland itself is moderate with trips around town taking roughly under 15 minutes. However, if you plan to live in Kirkland and commute to Seattle or neighboring cities, Redmond and Bellevue, the commute to and from home may mean an extra hour tacked on to your driving time. To beat the sluggish rush hour blues, locals recommend taking the bus to cut down on time.



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