Seattle Halloween: Controlled (but Safe) Disruption

Posted by Holly Gray on Monday, October 30th, 2017 at 1:20pm.

Keeping Seattle’s Halloween Fun…and Safe

Photo by Conner Baker

Halloween in Seattle is the one day in every year when the regular order of things gets a thorough shaking up. For one thing, it’s the single day of the year when we expect our doorbell to be ringing with varieties of creatures of all sizes on the other side. It’s certainly the only time when prudence dictates that we stockpile bowls full of treats to serve as ransom payments against demands for booty from an
onslaught of pint-sized masked neighbors.
Here is a calendar of events to see what there is to do around the Greater Seattle Area for all ages:
For Seattle’s small fry, if all goes well, Seattle’s Halloween ranks right up there with birthdays in terms of fun and excitement—possibly because of the aura of good-natured bounds- testing that seems to hover over the proceedings. When else does everybody get to dress up in disguises? When else might some perfectly dignified adult don an eye-patch and start talking like a pirate? When else does practically the whole of Seattle agree to engage in a tradition that
disrupts the normal order of things for the express purpose of just having some fun?   Who thought this thing up, anyway?
Photo by Julia Raasch
For parents who may or may not find themselves costumed this Tuesday, the fun will be somewhat tempered by the grownup’s job of keeping everybody safe amid the spooky mayhem.
Without spoiling the fun altogether, the most-noted Halloween safety concerns for Seattle homeowners are:
  • Keep your property’s walks and stairways well-lit. This is the biggest one... especially if you are like me and want as many cute little monsters as possible coming to your door.
  • Place pumpkins and other Halloween decorations well off to the side to prevent their becoming tripping hazards.
  • Secure pets away from the mayhem. Even the best-behaved may lose their cool after hours of doorbell ringing and screaming kids.
  • Avoid homemade treats and loose candy— no rational person these days feeds their children food made by strangers.
  • Don’t leave treats outdoors for the kids to take. Some kids will take them all...or worse yet they could be tampered with. 
  • Here’s hoping your family has a safe and moderately sane Seattle Halloween.


Author, Holly Gray

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