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Seattle in the Fall 2018

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As the smell of pine trees and sound of leaves being broken under your every step begin to insert themselves into your everyday life, the change of weather and scenery mark the new season. It has been an extremely hot summer thus far, and I do not think there is any shortage of people who are ready to embrace jacket and jean-wearing temperatures. Not only do your sense cool down as September rolls in, the season-specific activities that we all love pop back up for us to enjoy again. There is no replacing the atmosphere of the weeks leading up to Halloween, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is a perfect destination for Fall fun. You’ll get to witness the gorgeous change of color on the trees, as well as have a

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Seattle Paint House House Greige, What is Greige 

There’s little debate about the psychological importance that color exerts on people—nor on the crucial role it can play in creating an attractive atmosphere. When you decide what tweaks will do the most to prep your Seattle home for market, it follows that choosing the right paint color for rooms that need refreshing should get serious consideration.

The impact of those choices has been studied and found to have a measurable impact on home sale prices. Last week, CBS News’ Marketwatch published a roundup that Seattle homeowners ready to prep their own Seattle homes will want to take into account. It listed specific rooms and the color choices which were found to influence final sale prices—both good and bad.

In the bathroom, for instance,

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3233 36th Ave S, Seattle, Offered at $848,000

Come see us tomorrow June 23rd 2018 11-1pm! - Offers Due 12noon 6/28/2018 

Mount Baker Bungalow located just blocks from the new light rail station, shops, parks, cafes, rhythm of the Mount Baker and pulse of Lake Washington.

Mount Baker Remodel



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     Once you’ve settled on the goal of buying your first property, it’s hard to resist getting out there and getting started immediately! No matter if you know how vital it is to stick to a realistic budget on a purchase that’s this substantial, as soon as you’ve begun to save for that down payment, you’ll be hard-pressed not to at least stop by whenever you see an “Open House” sign. Even if it’s in a neighborhood where you know prices are half again what’s in your price range.

     There may be no harm in that—but realistically, only if you are already following a delineated game plan. One that’s reality-based. Hard-headed. Businesslike. If not, it’s a better idea to resist the house hunting (even pre-house hunting) until your

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     Sometimes what logic would seem to dictate and what reality shows don’t always wind up leading to the same conclusion. That might well be the case when considering up-sizing in today’s market. With prices on the rise, Seattle region homeowners who would like to up-size to more spacious digs may be inclined to shelve plans for the time being. 

     It’s widely the case that this spring finds listing and sales prices on the rise —news which would encourage the first part of the plan, the selling part. But the same trend works to discourage the follow-through—since buying could likewise prove to be too expensive. 

     But that abstract reasoning against upsizing might not work out as expected in every marketplace— at

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     When Equifax issues a warning specifically directed at online house hunting, Seattle real estate searchers (including readers right here) have ample reason to pay attention. You probably recall from last September how Equifax admitted to having been victimized by one of the most massive data breaches in internet history. Among the 143,000,000 Americans affected by the personal data collection firm’s lapse were more than a few irritated Seattle residents—many of whom accepted Equifax’s offer of a year’s worth of free credit monitoring. 

     So when Equifax decides that “online house hunting” is an area where web users should be especially cautious, their specific cautions are worth passing on. “Keep online security

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 eco-conscious homeowner seattle

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 Why Should You Care About the Environment?

 With all the stress and problems the average person faces throughout the day, putting forth the effort to care and preserve the environment can seem like a low priority. However, that attitude couldn’t be further from the truth. It is our responsibility to reduce pollution, prevent environmental degradation and work to combat global climate change and the dangers it presents. The damage that has already been done will change various ecosystems so much that the future world for our children will be very different from what we have today.

  • Sea levels will continue to rise, forcing people to move more inland.
  • Many more animal species will be extinct.
  • Natural
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     “Circumlocution” —the hefty word for “beating around the bush”—describes what the national real estate news feeds have been practicing for a while when it comes to the state of the marketplace. Until recently, most analysts seemed reluctant to call this spring’s U.S. lineup a “sellers market”—perhaps because the phrase might discourage would-be buyers. That began to change last month.

      As the week came to a close, Seattle homeowners who’ve been putting off their own decisions about whether to list their properties could find ample reasons for acting. Not only was that “sellers market” label showing up more often, but a host of supporting reasons had appeared in month-end reports:

  •      Compared with the last
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     If you have ever checked out the latest Seattle - Bellevue area real estate listings, you noticed monthly expense items for some of them listed as “Homeowners’ Association” (HOA) or “Condo Association” fees. Both are the monthly sums that any new owner will be required to pay in addition to property taxes.

     It’s easy to lump them both together in the same mental category because they are so similar in character: each represents an expense item that neighbors pay to defray common maintenance, repair and other expenses that affect everyone. But there are major differences between the two—and they’re not just legal fine points. In fact, being aware of the differences will lead to a greater likelihood that you’ll

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Divorce Real Estate Expert Holly Gray,  Seattle Area




SAFETY HARBOR, FL, April 11, 2018 - The Divorce Real Estate Institute (DREI) is proud to recognize Holly Gray as a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert.

Gray, a REALTOR® with Remax Pacific Realty in Bellevue, WA, recently graduated from the inaugural Master Course at the DREI at Pomona College in Claremont, California. The training is the first formal education on this subject of its kind in the real estate industry, said DREI founder and CEO, Laurel Starks.

“There’s been such a disconnect between the family law profession and the real estate community,” Starks said. “It’s important that we as REALTORS® bring our tools

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