East and Emerald - the corner of the Seattle real estate market 

East & Emerald:  The Corner-place of the Seattle Real Estate Market

Our premier offering is getting you connected with the right investments, but also the right professional for your needs. Our team knows how to list & locate the finest properties and negotiate the best deals.

We connect you with:

  1. The choicest lenders that offer select programs for all kinds of borrowers: both local or international. (VA, FHA, SBA, 503K, USDA & More)
  2. Brokers and Realtors that specialize in the type of property you are buying/selling
  3. Inspectors that focus on the type of property your buying/selling (License and Bonded)
  4. Search tools (our comprehensive website and access to our MLS for commercial properties, business opportunities, personal property, vacant land, wineyards, horse property, rentals, & condos)
  5. Property data from all available sources (State, City, Online, Offline, Archives and more)
  6. Reporting on Market Analytics & Trends (Just ask for a custom analytics report on your neighborhood today!)
  7.  Attorneys that we have vetted and trust (Business Opportunity)
  8.  Home Staging Professionals, Professional Photographers, Drone Specialists
  9.  Title & Escrow Closers (Notary, Mobile Signings, & Translators)
  10. Up to the minute market news and much more (follow our blog for regular market news and data)
  11. International? No problem our network has access to professionals that can accommodate almost any foreign language

The amount of information being created or changed from Federal, State, County, City and even Neighborhood levels weekly makes it vital to be constantly learning, researching and challenging ideas. Its a daunting task and was the reason East & Emerald was created.

Real estate is not one size fits all. In our modern era there are continually desperate attempts companies are making to squeeze the real estate business into an Amazon/Ebay world. But when you take away the life-force of an industry so massive in size and scale, and so fundamental to our entire economy it's the consumers who end up paying the biggest price. That is why East and Emerald has been built around relationships, competency and full service consulting. The things technology shouldn't replace.

Our goal is to raise the bar for our industry and set a new standard of representation.

Contact Us today for a free consultation and to learn more about our unique offering in today's competitive market.